Angelina Jolie Masectomy




Angelina Jolie has been the talk of the town recently after she made a revelation that she has in fact had a masectomy. This was a hard decision for her but with her family’s record with breast cancer, she has a high chance to be having the same health risk if she did not had her breast removed.

Her announcement was done via the New York Times where she personally wrote an article detailing her experience. This was also done so that she can warn other people out there that there is a way to stop breast cancer from happening. Jolie wrote “My doctors estimated that I had an 87 percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer, although the risk is different in the case of each woman,”

The actress has since opened the eyes of women to this reality. Breast cancer is serious and can lead to death and if a person can stop it now, then it should be done.



Delaying Treatment


Just like any kind of illness, if you don’t get treatment immediately, you will have it worse. Breast cancer treatment should not be delayed, but unfortunately, not everyone has enough finances to afford treatment. Poor women who wait for weeks to get chemotherapy risk their health for doing this and it can lead to death.

Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer at ages 15 to 39 have more aggressive cases. The need for treatment is much higher, and having to do it immediately is necessary. Statistics say that 22% of these women who has delayed their treatment ,die 5 years after. This should be highly noted because cancer isn’t something to be taken lightly. People can be given more years to live healthy but not getting the right treatment as soon as possible. Always check for breast lumps and get a yearly full body check up yearly so any potential illness can be addressed.

The Fight Continues


In different parts around the world, people are helping each other fight the battle of cancer. With a record number of deaths around the world, it is great that different groups realize the seriousness of this disease and make an effort to heal the world one breast cancer patient at a time.

In Jamaica, The Cherin Anderson Centre received a check in the amount of $791,136 that was donated by the Wisynco to the cancer society to help in research and development and to be able to launch projects that would raise awareness of breast cancer. In Ajman, students in the Royal Academy Private School organized a marathon to raise awareness of breast cancer. This took place just a few days before Christmas. It took place from from The Kempensky Hotel roundabout to the Coral Beach. It was a two hour long event.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among American women after skin cancer. An average of 112 women die of this disease every day.

Improve Cancer Detection

When breast cancer is detected early, can be easily cured or stalled. But the problem is it still remains the most undetected type of cancer. This is a fact. Women die of this disease because doctors are often unable to identify the tumor even after a mammogram or because the lump is not detected on time to get it removed. In India, one in every 22 adult women are affected by breast cancer. A good news is in Calcutta University there is a software that has been designed to detect the slight growth in mammary glands and the tumor-forming tendency. They are now working on producing bulks of this software to be spread around and help other people across the country. Principal investigator of the project Indra Maitra has this to say about it “To put it simply, asymmetry between the two breasts is often indicative of tumours. When we receive such a mammogram, we convert it into a geometrical structure and then analyse every part of it by assigning values. We use the method to detect volume or mass and density, too. Since the results are applied on a graph, it is easy to calculate the results. These results will easily tell doctors of the slightest malignancy” Hopefully this will improve the breast cancer cases in India.

Breast Cancer Photo Taken Down




The controversial photo of Inga Duncan Thornell, a breast cancer survivor has been removed by Facebook as they deemed it a violation of the site’s strict no nudity policy. This has been criticized by a lot of people because they think the photo represents a woman’s bravery and beauty. Facebook has backtracked their decision by allowing it on the Custom Tattoo Design Page. Facebook changed decision probably came after more than 138,000 repost of the photo with the caption from Lee Roller from Custom Tattoo Design saying:

“Facebook keeps removing the post in 24hour as an offensive photo do [sic] to nudity. However we feel this woman is both brave and strong so were going to post it anyways and ask for your awareness and support; Please like and share this photo quickly to show your support for this and many other women who have lost so much.”

Fred Wollens of Facebook, assigned on Facebook Policy and Communications explained to Huffington Post via email that Mastectomy photos are allowed on the site.

How Breast Cancer Spreads


In 2001, the process in which breast cancer spreads to other organs, or metastasizes, has been identified by researchers in the Massachusetts General Hospital. Although there may be other means by which breast cancer cells reach other parts of the body, the discovery led to studies on how to prevent the cancer cells from spreading.

For years, the medical community believed that tumors do not have lymph nodes inside them. But with the development of devices to visualize lymphatic vessels, they saw that tumors in mice have lymphatic vessels and are carrying cancer cells, which is transported outside of the tumor, to the lymph nodes of the lungs. The lymphatic vessels served as passage ways for cancer cells to spread.


Learn from Other People’s Experiences

Do not take unusual pain, sensations and other symptoms lightly. You can never be so sure these days. Even if no one in your family has had cancer, do not cross out the possibility that you may have developed it.

Blood in the urine, recurrent abdominal pains, lumps in the breast and other body parts should be checked by doctors – not just once, but ask for second opinions to assure all avenues are pursued. Do not be contented with just one answer – ask for detailed explanations of why you are experiencing pain, or why lumps are present. Initiate and demand for an observation. If the symptoms still persist after a few weeks, seek other tests such as CT scan or MRI(which should be recommended by your doctor/physician of course).

Read this article and learn from the experience of a misdiagnosed patient.

Higher Risk For South Asians


According to a recent study done by Leicester, risk for breast cancer is higher and has increased for South Asian women. This comes as a surprise since in the past, women from this ethnic group has significant lower risk for breast cancer than the white British women. So what happened? Why the change? Why has cancer incidences risen in the past few years for this region?

The experts believe that the reason for the increase is because of the lifestyle of these women. Obesity is prevalent and this is one of the causes of cancer. Women of lower socio-economic status have higher risks because they have less opportunity to take care of themselves. Lifestyle factors such as drinking, smoking, use of oral contraceptives can also be a factor. There are no exact proof of this but it could easily be the reason.

Women are encouraged to always take care of themselves, get tested yearly and live a healthy lifestyle.


High Carb and Breast Cancer

The recent advancement of technology makes it possible for people to do different studies regarding breast cancer. Different medical teams combine all their knowledge to be able to improve different options in diagnosing and treating this disease. Most people already know that diet and lifestyle is a big factor that is linked to breast cancer. What is interesting is that recent studies show the connection between the intake of high carbohydrate food and increased risk of breast cancer. A study done in Mexico with women shows that women who ate a lot of carbohydrates were more than twice as likely to get breast cancer than those who ate less starch. Scientist think that its because carbohydrates are filled with sugar which would then secrete insulin. Insulin is linked to cancer because it helps tumors grow. This is why people are now encouraged to limit the intake of too much carbs. Breast cancer is easy to fight as long as a person lives a healthy lifestyle.

Risk factors

No one knows exactly how breast cancer is developed, or acquired. Some say it’s hereditary, but the truth is, we all have a cancer gene in our bodies waiting to be awakened. Activation is the key for a tumor to run wild in our bodies, the key is to avoid its awakening. Unfortunately, no one knows how to do that so the least any of us can hope to do is to just be cautious and be aware of the symptoms so that we can detect it early and therefore survive it.
When it comes to breast cancer, it is much more vital to be paranoid if your family has a history of it. In this case, we recommend a mammogram annually. Also, women become more susceptible to breast cancer as they age, women who are 30 and above should go for occasional check-ups. Menstrual cycle is also a factor, if you started and therefore ended too early, you might want to be more attuned to risk factors.