High Carb and Breast Cancer

The recent advancement of technology makes it possible for people to do different studies regarding breast cancer. Different medical teams combine all their knowledge to be able to improve different options in diagnosing and treating this disease. Most people already know that diet and lifestyle is a big factor that is linked to breast cancer. What is interesting is that recent studies show the connection between the intake of high carbohydrate food and increased risk of breast cancer. A study done in Mexico with women shows that women who ate a lot of carbohydrates were more than twice as likely to get breast cancer than those who ate less starch. Scientist think that its because carbohydrates are filled with sugar which would then secrete insulin. Insulin is linked to cancer because it helps tumors grow. This is why people are now encouraged to limit the intake of too much carbs. Breast cancer is easy to fight as long as a person lives a healthy lifestyle.