The Fight Continues


In different parts around the world, people are helping each other fight the battle of cancer. With a record number of deaths around the world, it is great that different groups realize the seriousness of this disease and make an effort to heal the world one breast cancer patient at a time.

In Jamaica, The Cherin Anderson Centre received a check in the amount of $791,136 that was donated by the Wisynco to the cancer society to help in research and development and to be able to launch projects that would raise awareness of breast cancer. In Ajman, students in the Royal Academy Private School organized a marathon to raise awareness of breast cancer. This took place just a few days before Christmas. It took place from from The Kempensky Hotel roundabout to the Coral Beach. It was a two hour long event.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among American women after skin cancer. An average of 112 women die of this disease every day.