Improve Cancer Detection

When breast cancer is detected early, can be easily cured or stalled. But the problem is it still remains the most undetected type of cancer. This is a fact. Women die of this disease because doctors are often unable to identify the tumor even after a mammogram or because the lump is not detected on time to get it removed. In India, one in every 22 adult women are affected by breast cancer. A good news is in Calcutta University there is a software that has been designed to detect the slight growth in mammary glands and the tumor-forming tendency. They are now working on producing bulks of this software to be spread around and help other people across the country. Principal investigator of the project Indra Maitra has this to say about it “To put it simply, asymmetry between the two breasts is often indicative of tumours. When we receive such a mammogram, we convert it into a geometrical structure and then analyse every part of it by assigning values. We use the method to detect volume or mass and density, too. Since the results are applied on a graph, it is easy to calculate the results. These results will easily tell doctors of the slightest malignancy” Hopefully this will improve the breast cancer cases in India.